Finance and Insurance

How does Finance and Insurance work?

For dentures that are medically necessary, insurance may pay 15%-80% of the costs, up to the dental plan’s annual limit. However, insurance typically only covers standard dentures, not premium, precision or cosmetic dentures.  Financing can be used in conjunction with insurance to get the dentures you really want – apply for a loan today!

How much do dentures cost?

A lower cost single standard denture starts around $300-$500 per denture. That would be about $600-$1000 for a complete set of upper and lower standard dentures. These tend to be cold cured dentures, which are considered temporary as the streamlined processing and materials used in the manufacturing. In many of these cases there are not opportunities to try them on for fit before they are completed. They tend to not look as natural.

A mid-priced heat cured premium denture typically averages $500-$1500 per denture, that would be $1000-$3000 for a complete set. The teeth are more natural looking and last longer than cold cured dentures. In many cases they are tried on before they are finished to ensure the best fit and finished look. These usually have a 90 day to two year warranty, possibly a money back guarantee if the customer is unsatisfied. In some cases adjustments are included.

Premium heat cured precision cosmetic dentures are about $2000-$4000 per denture, or $4000-$8000 + for a set. These usually are completely customized and personalized, using high end materials to simulate lifelike look of gums and teeth. These are usually warranted against chipping and cracking for 5-10 years or longer. Often the price has included follow up visits to fine tune the fit and is the clear choice dental option.

Are there affordable dentures?

With denture financing all dentures including premium cosmetic and premium cosmetic precision dentures are affordable!  Don’t settle for cheap dentures – Apply for a loan today!

What does insurance and the government cover?

Insurance will typically cover the between 10% and 80% of a standard denture and typically will not cover any additional costs related to premium or precision dentures.

In the province of Alberta in Canada there is a special government program called the Alberta Senior’s benefit:

  • Provides monthly cash benefits to eligible seniors, in addition to the    federal benefits received under Old Age Security and Guaranteed Income    Supplement. It has the highest income    threshold and monthly payment in the country.
  • In general, single seniors with an annual income of $24,000 or less, and    senior couples with a combined annual income of $39,000 or less, may qualify    for this program.
  • The Supplementary Accommodation Benefit for Seniors is also available    through this program. It provides low-income seniors who receive the Alberta    Seniors Benefit and live in long-term care facilities with financial    assistance for their room, board and housekeeping costs. This program has    been recently expanded to include assistance for those living in designated    assisted living facilities.
  • The Supplementary Accommodation Benefit ensures that seniors who receive    it have at least $265 in disposable income left after their monthly    accommodation charges are paid. (Note: The $265 is calculated based on    semi-private room rates.)