Denture Care

There are several products that support the ongoing care of your denture:


  • Take care of your new standard or premium denture with the outstanding quality and professional strength performance of Renew
  • Renew is Guaranteed to remove: Tobacco, Iron, Plaque, Coffee, Calcium, Calculus, Tea, Tartar and Bacteria making your new denture sparkle. renew denture cleaner, renew cleaner, denture cleaner,Efferdent, Polident, Nu-Dent, Val-Clean, ProTech, Stain Away, Denture Brite, Sparkle Dent, CleanDent, free sample of renew, renew free sample, best denture cleaner, world best denture cleaner, remove Tobacco, remove Iron, remove Plaque, remove Coffee, remove Calcium, remove Calculus, remove Tea, remove Tartar , remove Bacteria, Tobacco stain, Iron stain, Plaque stain, Coffee stain, Calciumstain, Calculus stain, Tea stain, Tartar stain ,
  • Proven in the marketplace for more than 29 years by denture wearers around the world so you can feel confident using it on your new denture


  • New denture wearers consistently report an extremely high level of satisfaction, because of the amazing cleaning power of Renew
  • First time Renew users can experience the power of Renew at no cost, with access to free samples from their local dental professional.  Contact the makers of Renew and they will find a dental professional in your area that will provide you with a free sample of Renew denture cleaner for you to try with no obligation.
  • Renew is considered one of the best denture cleaners in the world and is preferred over retail denture cleaners.

Click here for a free sample of Renew Denture Cleaner.


Multivitamin and Multi-mineral for Denture Wearers – Brand New Product!

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How OnePro Diet helps Denture Wearers

• As you adjust to your new full or partial dentures during the initial break-in period or if you have immediate dentures, your eating habits will likely change in the short term.   After you have successfully adjusted to your new dentures and are returning to eating normally, you will continue to need the support of a special multivitamin.

Click here to get a free sample of OnePro Multivitamin and Multi-mineral.

• Research was performed by the Human Nutrition Research Center of the United States Department of Agriculture’s Nutritional Status Study on denture wearers which showed that denture wears have certain vitamin requirements that are different than those with natural teeth.

• As a result, Mid-Continental designed a special multivitamin and multi-mineral formula based on this research that addresses the specific needs of denture wearers.

• Your dental professional will let you know if you need to take a special dosage depending on where you are in your process of breaking in your dentures , if you have immediate dentures and your general health.  Contact Us today to find a dental professional near you where you can get OnePro Diet!

• OnePro Diet is an easy to swallow capsule manufactured in Canada under cGMP conditions meaning you can be assured of high quality manufacturing  processes and ingredients.  It is available across the country in the offices of dental professionals in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

• Made by your trusted denture partner for over 30 years! – Download Brochure

Ultrasonic Denture Bath

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  • Uses ultrasonic waves to gently and effectively clean you dentures
  • High quality construction at an affordable price.
  • Use in conjunction with Renew to get outstanding cleaning results.
  • For use at home.
  •  Contact the distributors of iSonic and they will find a dental professional in your area where you can purchase the iSonic ultrasonic bath.






  • Soothes and protects dry oral tissues from minor irritations, itching and burning sensations
  • Provides up to 8 hours of comfort
  • Contains Biotène’s antibacterial enzymes to help neutralize odors and unpleasant taste.
  • Improves retention under denturesBiotène Dry Mouth oral balance ,Xylitol ,Biotène oral balance, Biotène oral balance canada,Xylitol Biotène oral balance,Biotene Dry Mouth oral balance ,Xylitol ,Biotene oral balance, Biotene oral balance canada,Xylitol Biotene oral balance
  • Sugar-free, pleasant tasting gel formula
  • Contact the distributors of Biotene and they will find a dental professional in your area where you can purchase Biotene.