Denture Academics

The dental academic community actively researches dentures and denturism.  Below are some research papers that help provide an overview of the important social and pshycological  improvements provided by dentures and denturism.

The social solution: denture, esthetics, phonetics, and function

J Prosthodont. 2009;18:112-115. 4. Bissasu M. Pre-extraction records for complete denture.  PDF: The Social Solution

Association between perceived chewing ability and oral health-related quality of life in  partially dentate patients

Mika Inukai, Mike T John, Yoshimasa Igarashi and Kazuyoshi Baba. PDF : Association between perceived chewing ability

Masticatory Efficiency Between Balanced And Lingualized Occlusion In Complete Denture Wearers

Abdul Razzaq Ahmed, Bds, Fcps (Prosthodontics), Muhammad Usman Muneer, Bds, Fcps (Prosthodontics), Saman Hakeem, Bds, Fcps (Prosthodontics).  PDF:MASTICATORY EFFICIENCY BETWEEN BALANCED AND LINGUALIZED

Oral Health Related Quality Of Life In Complete Dentures

Amir Mehmood Butt, Fcps, Bds;Bilal Ahmed, Fcps (Pak), Ficp (Usa), Bds, Bs, Fcps;Naghma Parveen, Bds, Mcps, Fcps;Nazia Yazdanie, Bds, Msc, Ficd, Phd (London). PDF:Oral Health Related Quality Of Life In

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