Why Denture Financing

You deserve to have the dentures you want, not just the ones you need – you don’t have to settle!

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Premium Denture Happiness!

We can help as much as you need; a portion, or all of your necessary denture procedures – apply for your loan financing today!

Dentures are a very important investment in your overall health, wellbeing and happiness – dentures,  a new smile!  Many people with dentures look like people with dentures.  Sometimes you can spot them immediately in a crowd as the color is too white, the teeth are the wrong shape, don’t look natural or their face looks too long or short. This is typically because they have settled for a “Standard Denture“.  While a standard denture will certainly do the job and is a good choice for some, people can typically tell you have a denture.

Premium Cosmetic Dentures on the other hand, are dentures that look exactly like real beautiful teeth.  With cosmetic dentures your spouses, girlfriend/boyfriend, coworkers and other family members won’t even know you have a denture.  By stepping up to the ultimate in a natural looking smile with a premium cosmetic denture you won’t be as anxious about socializing, working and going out in public.

Premium cosmetic dentures are made with only the highest quality and most natural looking materials.  Fiber striations in the acrylic and natural shading options give them a natural texture which looks just like real gum tissue. Gum contouring, full texturing and palatal ridges give these dentures a lifelike appearance.

Premium cosmetic dentures typically feature premium teeth such as Marjor Plus Composite teeth made from modern BioComposite materials. These premium teeth lines offers exceptional aesthetics and wear. These teeth are available in a variety of sizes and shading options, including the  to restore and enhance your natural smile.

Take advantage of our financing options and get the dentures you really deserve today!

* Denture Financing is currently only available for Canadian residents.